Ready-Made Water InfusionsĀ®.

Our ready-made water infusions® are full flavor medleys made with 100% real fruits and herbs. No added sugars, artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives, or refrigeration needed. Upgrade your water drinking experience and motivate the body to drink more and live healthier.

Water is boring… Make it amazing!


Love Thy Local Farmers.


Absolutely in love with these pouches of yumminess. Trying to cut down on the sugar and chemicals in my drinks and these are perfect! Thanks @herbandorchard I’m so happy I backed you on #kickstarter. Can’t wait for you to start selling them in England.

haymitchy (via IG)

A customer called me today solely for the purpose of asking where to get more of the herb and orchard that I dropped off about 3 weeks ago... They said it was awesome and really wanted more. They had been using it at the office and the people were wanting a re-supply. I told them to check out the website. 

Thought you would enjoy knowing!!

Gil (via FB)

I love these water infusion pouches. The taste is very subtle and not at all over powering. It reminds me of spa water. It's perfect since I can drink it on it's own or with food. They are so convenient...just pop one in my hydroflask and it will last 2-3 days! I drink so much more water now because of herb + orchard. It's one of those things where I didn't know much I would enjoy it, but cannot say enough good things about them now!

Pro Tip: These water infusion pouches make GREAT gifts. I got them for my future mother-in-law last year and she still talks about them!

Kim (via Amazon)